Italtrans has improved the offer of their service over the years with greater conviction and ability.
A constant commitment that Italtrans renews, following precise guiding principles and clear strategies.


When it comes to taking charge of the company's business, the quality of the service must be guaranteed. Italtrans certifications ensure a streamlined, efficient and effective workflow, capable of swiftly taking your objectives to their destination. The first certification for Italtrans was in 1997 and much progress has been made from this point on, until the achievement in 2016 of the biological compliance certificate for the warehousing of biological products. The company achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification for logistics and transportation, proof of a valid quality management system in the realization of the product and the delivery of the service, capable of increasing customer satisfaction. Annual monitoring of all processes and the continual control of procedures are the guarantee of lasting business relationships that will go far.

Our certifications

- ISO 28000: Certification n. SEC–10/19 rilasciato il 03/02/2019 dall’Ente Certificatore RINA S.p.A
- ISO 9001: Certification n. 650/97/S, rilasciato in data 10/06/1997 e rinnovato in data 24/05/2018 dall’Ente Certificatore RINA S.p.A.
- CERTIFICAZIONE CONFORMITA’ STOCCAGGIO E TRASPORTI PRODOTTI BIOLOGICI: Certificato n. IT BIO 012-00167-19-01, rilasciato il 30/01/2019, dall’Ente Certificatore Sidel S.p.A.



Your work is in good hands. Constant care for the management of your goods means great attention to personnel: Italtrans works very hard in training and updating and has always placed great trust in their Human Resources department. Motivation, preparation and confidence are the words that Italtrans loves to associate to their collaborators and employees in a positive hard working atmosphere. A loyalty to and from personnel demonstrated not only by words but also by facts: despite an average age of 39 years, more than 25% of employees have been in the company for over 10 years and 61% for more than 5 years. A proof of work constancy and consistency to ensure maximum safety and reliability.